A Night At The Movies

by The Wondershop Showdown

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2401 03:26
VERSE 1 You ever feel like life's a test you can't study for? You always give it your best but always come up short I think we should try something new But it don't matter cause we're young and it's not up to you PRECHORUS How did it get this far? Who do they think they are? CHORUS Workin hard to stay in line Anything to stay alive, In this world where we are Not so different. But we always get caught up In this competition We always try but we're still Beat by the kid with the 2401 VERSE 2 Today feels so strange cause it's not how it should be. What will it take for everyone else to see? We would be just so much better off, You say you play to win but all you do is count your losses PRECHORUS CHORUS
VERSE 1 Today was meant to be a fair event, But you just can't seem see other people We just want some sanity But you are so ignorant CHORUS I! (I!) Know! (Know!) You never meant any harm but You just had to and ruin the whole damn thing now We! (Are!) Our! (Own!) Trying to live our lives yeah, But you just can't seem to get over yourself now VERSE 2 It's hard to believe you can't see the problem When you are so alone against the crowd I think you should call it a day But you're just out of control CHORUS
VERSE 1 Today I met a man who was already inside, I confide, but he didnt even know it yet Looked in his eyes, realized all the lies, covered up by popular opinion And I, to my surprise, can't seem to find the truth, only demise and self-destructive habits So why, why, why? Seems like no one else'll try To see beyond the foolish perceptions that they're given And I won't side with the media's feed That image is the meaning of the life we're livin' CHORUS I can't find, the strength to take this any longer Now's the time, to show them all they are wrong and Seize the day before it's too late, Today is ours, and I just can't wait for tomorrow VERSE 2 I know at first it seems hard to believe That reality isn't quite what we perceive That image never holds any true meaning And victories are made of all the little things Now I'm just a guy with flaws and opinions But sometimes I feel like the only one that's tryin Cause in the end its yourself that you're cheatin And I see what you're saying but I just won't give in CHORUS FINAL CHORUS I can't find, the strength to take this any longer Now's the time, to show them all they are wrong and Seize the day before it's too late, Today is ours, or there might not be a tomorrow
One 04:07
VERSE 1 Well here I go again tonight Not sure how I found myself here again I guess it's all one giant fight for my life. And these regrets will haunt me till the end. And I don't know what I'm waiting for, But if I ever get outta here, I know that I'll be left behind somehow. 'Cause all these dreams can't pay the bills, But I know that if I try again I will CHORUS One chance, one stand, one time to say 'I win.' (I need this, y'know I need this) One 'A,' one day, one way to help me out. (I need this, y'know I need this) VERSE 2 Y'know I think back on the days, When things seemed so much simpler to me My memory's now a blurry haze, And I'd give almost anything see again. But I know, I won't, Ever forget I can, I just don't know what's happening to me. Maybe it's time I just let go, 'Cause I was so much better off back then CHORUS GUITAR SOLO CHORUS
VERSE 1 You got your hands in the air and your feet on the ground You keep lookin up, but you only fall down A fight for your life and there's only one way out Your lips, they move but make not a single sound PRECHORUS 1 To them, with all your thoughts in hand, You can't seem to be yourself CHORUS You can't seem to find, Who you are, Every helping hand is not enough, And every door is locked. It's something we all go through, Your best solution is right behind you. VERSE 2 You're runnin around but you're stayin in line You don't even know what you're tryin to find Just close your eyes & open your mind Day after day feels just like a mundane lie PRECHORUS 2 It's true, and it all comes back to you Just try to make it through CHORUS ENDING You will find a way out Just don't give up
State 05:02
Run Away 04:02
VERSE 1 You say it's time to find our own directions in life, Well I think it's time that we both find our Selves in these lies, Can't compromise, The truth that you hide, to make this all easy, PRECHORUS 1 But I can show you the way, But you're so lost and afraid CHORUS So go, and run away, Like it's the right thing to do Like it's your right to choose, And I'll say what I like, It's my right to fight, for what I believe, So why can't you realize it's More than what you see, Why can't you believe? VERSE 2 You say I've been blind from the start And that I always take my actions too far Well I can't disagree, I haven't been me, But listen to reason and just think more clearly cause PRECHORUS 2 There's hope for you and me, but you only See what you believe CHORUS BREAKDOWN CHORUS So go, and run away, Like it's the right thing to do Like it's your right to choose, And I'll say what I like, It's my right to fight, Cause I'll never believe, The excuses you feed me, FINAL CHORUS So go, and run away, Like it's the right thing to do Cause I'm finished with you So say what you like, 'Cause I'm done with this fight, I'll never believe, The excuses you feed me, For decision you can't face, Now my times been a waste.
Paranoia 03:21
VERSE 1 It’s Ten O’clock and I can’t sleep thinking about problems and possibly absolute failure Got no second chance, got no back up plans, I’ve got to force him out, got to drown him dead. There’s a voice in my head that makes me all but dread the idea of giving up to these notions. It’s got me so fed up, I think I’ve got to get up let me see if I can seize the moment CHORUS And I, held on, to the simple things in life that keep me So, alive, because they really mean that much to me As I said, before, that the problems probably go away In the long run, I let go. In the long run I let go. VERSE 2 An hour later and I’m sittin’ up in my bed wondering what’s going through my head Should I go to sleep or let it all sink deep? I have to choose before it all is set aside. A hand ticks by and I dry my eyes so I can see what lies before me. When the morning shines I hope the devil cries because he couldn’t put the weight upon me. CHORUS VERSE 3 Now it’s midnight this can be the worst time, because I’m thinking about where it’s going to lead. This can’t be good, it can’t be good. Before sunrise this could be the last time that I win in the fight for my life. This can be won, it can be won. BRIDGE And I feel, that worst begins to appear, And I feel, that the best begins to shatter. And I feel, that the hopes and dreams of my field, they have all begun to shatter, they have all begun to shatter.
Last Candle 04:25
VERSE 1 We say, certain things will never change, Even though, so many things will have to go, And they will leave behind such big, Holes to now fill with the road that lies ahead... VERSE 2 It's hard to believe we've come so far, Just think how young we were when it, Starts to wear you down you know you've, Got to carry on you know you're strong... TRANSITION We're burning the last candle that we Never should've had, But I wouldn't take back any of them, So until the last flame dies, Let's paint the town with the colored wax tonight, Forget the rules and road signs left behind, Cause we don't even know, where we'll end up after tonight. BRIDGE/OUTRO When I was young, I never Thought I'd grow this tall, See this far passed the stars, but boy did we dream. Now that we're here, Everything just feels so weird, All I can do is just hold tight to everything I hold dear. (It's been so long, I can't do this, So don't fall out please, don't fall out again.)
Miles Ahead 06:04
VERSE Every single day I'd fear, If I'd ever get here. It's been a rough year or so, But I can finally let it go. I may never understand, why I was so worried, or why I couldn't believe them. The past two years came back in my life, in the past two months and now everything's right and I, have never been more happy PRECHORUS At least that I could recall, it's just been so damn long. I never thought I'd end this nightmare. I seeya fallin' down, fallin' on your own. At least that's how you feel, cause i can tell you boy I've been there CHORUS Now I am, Seeing things more clearly, coming back here from the edge, Here I am, Looking forward to every day, seeing everything in a whole new way. VERSE The view from up here has shown me, I was never alone down there, So don't you ever feel let down, just take a look around. Miles ahead, you'll be on top again soon. So just trust me if you feel left out, let me erase all of your doubts, Cause I know that you can make PRECHORUS So please believe me, cause I know wouldn't have, just the other day, before this all happened. I know it seems strange,you might just say its luck, but I'm thinking that there's something better out there CHORUS BREAKDOWN I know, I never believed I could So I don't, blame you for this Just know, that I am here with you, So don't, ever be afraid. BRIDGE The past two years came back in my life, in the past two months and now everything's right and I, have never been more happy, Cause it feels so great just to be alive, and know in my heart I'll be alright, but now, all I see is you... CHORUS


released April 6, 2013

The Wondershop Showdown is:
Mike Barker - Lead Vocals
Chaz Feitel - Guitar
Logan Ennis - Guitar
Tim Gould - Bass, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals
Matt Greenfield - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Casey Hesse - Trumpet, Vocals
Pat Rice - Trumpet, Vocals
Don Noz - Trumpet
Kyle Ennis - Trombone, Guitar, Vocals
Tim Gonzalez - Trombone
Nick Rudenko - Tenor & Alto Saxophone
Alex Hesse - Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet

Tech Credits:
Logan Ennis (album art)
Pat Rice (art concept)
John Ennis (graphic detailing)
Kyle Ennis (layout)
Marc Frigo (recording engineer)

Endless love & thanks to:
The Feitel Family
The Barker Family
Our awesome roommates at the Showhouse
Penn State Songwriters’ Club
The Darkhorse Tavern
Marc Frigo
You, the beloved listener


all rights reserved



The Wondershop Showdown State College, Pennsylvania

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