It’s Ten O’clock and I can’t sleep thinking about problems and possibly absolute failure
Got no second chance, got no back up plans, I’ve got to force him out, got to drown him dead.
There’s a voice in my head that makes me all but dread the idea of giving up to these notions.
It’s got me so fed up, I think I’ve got to get up let me see if I can seize the moment

And I, held on, to the simple things in life that keep me
So, alive, because they really mean that much to me
As I said, before, that the problems probably go away
In the long run, I let go.
In the long run I let go.

An hour later and I’m sittin’ up in my bed wondering what’s going through my head
Should I go to sleep or let it all sink deep? I have to choose before it all is set aside.
A hand ticks by and I dry my eyes so I can see what lies before me.
When the morning shines I hope the devil cries because he couldn’t put the weight upon me.


Now it’s midnight this can be the worst time, because I’m thinking about where it’s going to lead.
This can’t be good, it can’t be good.
Before sunrise this could be the last time that I win in the fight for my life.
This can be won, it can be won.

And I feel, that worst begins to appear, And I feel, that the best begins to shatter.
And I feel, that the hopes and dreams of my field, they have all begun to shatter, they have all begun to shatter.


from A Night At The Movies, released April 6, 2013



all rights reserved


The Wondershop Showdown State College, Pennsylvania

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